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Internships obligatory for the course of studies

An obligatory internship is part of your study programme. You must complete it by the end of the third year (Engineer) or by the end of the second year (Bachelor). Detailed rules for the organisation of internships are defined by the Deans of the respective Faculties.

Apply to your Faculty internship supervisor. This is the person who is responsible for organising and completing all the paperwork for your Faculty internship. Amongst other things, the supervisor will provide you with documents that may be necessary to start and pass your internship (e.g. referral, contract, completion schedule).

Ask your Faculty internship supervisor/advisor for a list of companies where you could potentially complete an internship. You can also apply to the Career Centre. We have a database of more than 8,000 companies from various industries that employ AGH students and graduates (you can arrange a consultation here:

Don't forget to browse the current offers published on the JobTeaser Career Centre (you can go here to log in).

Contract work (or voluntary work), as evidenced by appropriate documents, may also form the basis for credit for the placement - under certain conditions.